This work is an exploration of oneself and what it means to acknowledge all of You. It is an opportunity to look at yourself with compassion and to explore what is possible towards cultivating a deeper clearer relationship with yourself.  It is an opportunity to create and recognize a  deeper purpose in your life and in the world.  As a practitioner, I hold a space that is supportive of this clarity and experience.  You will create a deeper connection to yourself that will spill over into every other relationship in your life.   Relationships with family, friends, colleagues, and co-workers will improve drastically. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

I feel good about where I am in my life, will this work still be beneficial?

  • Absolutely. No matter where you are inside of yourself, there is always an opportunity to go deeper.

My life is very stressful and I notice that I hold a lot of tension in my body. Can you help me with this?

  • Yes. These sessions involve working on a cellular level to recognize how one holds onto stress and tension within the body and how to bring this into a place of awareness that allows for conscious and graceful release.  

 I have experienced a great deal of trauma in my life and feel I am ready to let go of the mental and emotional experiences associated with these events. Can you assist me with this?

  • Absolutely. Each session is tailored to the emotional and mental state of the individual.  Emotional releases can be both graceful and powerful.

Do you work specifically with one's emotional health?

  • Yes. These sessions will absolutely be a catalyst for growth, self-acceptance and empowerment for anyone struggling with anxiety, depression, fear, stress, lack of self-esteem, unworthiness and judgment both for oneself and others.

Do you have any experience working with people who have addictions or addictive and /or compulsive behavior?

  • Yes. I have worked with people suffering with many different types of addictions. These sessions will help you to address the foundational roots of these behaviors and to move through this journey with integrity, dignity, and self-acceptance.  Commitment to this process will help an individual to create a deep sense of freedom within themselves that will allow them to leave behind those "behaviors and/or substances" that are no longer serving them.

What age group do you work with?

  • I work with all ages of people. 

What else should people know when considering a session with you?

  • I have worked with a vast array of clientele.  These include Olympic coaches, professional athletes, aspiring olympians, equestrians, music industry executives, recording artists,  corporate attorneys, financial analysts and advisors, as well as those in the political arena. I have worked with amazing parents,  singles, young adults, philanthropists and entrepreneurs.  My level of confidentiality, respect, non-judgement, professionalism, discretion, integrity, and compassion are the foundation of this work and are without question...definitive. 

What are some of the reasons people come to you?

My extensive background in the Fitness and Wellness Industry combined with a gentle and compassionate approach offers practical & simple solutions that create Significant Positive Life Changes. While people come to me for  a variety of reasons below are a few examples:  

  • * Stress Management
  • * Relationships –improve even your most challenging relationships
  • * Emotional & Mental Well-being
  • * Anxiety
  • * Depression
  • * Weight Loss
  • * Communication- elevate your level of communication with others
  • * Addiction & Recovery-  practices that support this positive life shift
  • * Balance -Guidance on Creating Balance in every area of your life
  • * Transition Coaching- Divorce, School, Career, Loss of a loved one...
  • * Cancer -support for patients, family or friends
  • * Guided Meditation Journeys