Meditation in Motion



Meditation in Motion was created to incorporate the principles of Simplicity of Self into an active setting! For those choosing to bring the concepts of meditation, connection, and self exploration into their active life experience while in motion! Walking meditation is meditation in action. When we do walking meditation, we are using the physical, mental, and emotional experiences of walking as the basis of developing greater awareness.  Walking meditation is an excellent way of developing our ability to take awareness into our ordinary lives. This hour long experience will be tailored to each individual. Incorporating Intuitive Counseling / Meditation / Healing Energy Work /Emotional Release Work & Stress Management  can all be a part of this experience in this active setting!

This transformative and empowering experience will awaken and bring into your awareness, your highest potential as a powerful and creative being. You will align with your ability to create abundance, peace, and clarity now. You will release physical tension,  negative thought processes and emotions that are inhibiting your natural state of peace. You will become more aware of how your current perspective is affecting your life experience and learn how to let go of old destructive patterns.  Working together, we will clear and align the physical, mental, and  emotional aspects of you. Simplicity of Self, will remind you that very significant shifts will occur for you if you let go of the complexity of over-processing and in exchange embrace the simple act of being present.