Words of Wisdom...

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

Mahatma Gandhi


I love working with Nicole because she is genuine, kind, honest, and gifted.  At times, she is my counselor, my teacher, my guru.  She also knows what it is like to suffer from anxiety, which is very real for me.  She didn’t just read a book about it.  I used to be the type of person who kept my emotions and anxieties buried deep inside.  When Nicole told me that she could help me get out of my own way and energetically move the negativity, I was skeptical. But, “feeling is believing” in this case.  Whether our session is in person or over the phone, I cannot explain it, but I have “felt” a shift in my body and my emotions as Nicole and I meditate together.   The best part is that she is helping me learn how to do it on my own and recognize that everything I need already exists within me.  I have referred several friends to Nicole and will continue to do so.  She is a blessing and I am truly grateful to know her.
 –Kandace, Pennsylvania


 Nicole had started working with me over a year ago in the midst of an emotional time after losing my father.  I needed to find the center of my being and just didn't even know where and how to begin.  Nicole's professional approach and her sincere personality instantly made me feel at ease, really allowing and helping me to dig deep to explore all the potentials within myself that I didn't realize exist.  From a client's perspective, she is responsive and attentive.  Being a stay-home-mom with a young toddler, my sessions with Nicole have been that something nice I do for myself.  Life is a journey and there's still a long way to go, I'm glad Nicole has given me the clarity to set my feet on the right path.     

...Vicky, DE

I have known Nicole for over 17 years.  She was my personal trainer for many of those years, and as time went on I  began to incorporate her other work into my life.  These experiences for me have become nothing short of Amazing.  This work has been an ongoing journey  and I can honestly  say, that I have touched places of calm and connection within myself that I did not know were attainable.  Nicole's deep compassion and support has helped me to  know my own strength during life's challenges and to once again feel inspired  and grateful for the opportunity that is life. She is and always will be a very special individual to me. 

...Inge Schubert, Greenville, DE



"Nicole Passon is my wellness/spiritual counselor.  When I enter her private space, where she holds her sessions, a peaceful calm washes over me.  All of the outside influences are left behind and I am able to feel clear headed. Our sessions have allowed me to reconnect to and trust my own inner guidance.   At the end of a session, I always feel more confident about which of the choices in front of me will help me to grow and to create the life I want.  When I am with Nicole, I am not afraid of the uncertainty and worries of life.  She teaches me how to bring that peace and clarity into my own life on a daily basis.     

 Peace to all, .... Cynthia Karnes , Pennsylvania

Coming to see Nicole has been a true experience that has expanded much more for me than expected. Her openness and warm heart is so comforting you lose track of all stress, worries, anxiety...ect. she puts you at ease with what is troubling and helps you work through it, from a whole experience; mind, body and soul. I've released feelings that I thought I would carry with me for the rest of my life, but Nicole has helped me to release, and move past those feelings while giving me the tools and guidance to become a stronger, healthier and happier person. I am deeply thankful for her and all that she has done for me! 

...Amy Cowdright, Delaware
Nicole's approach truly encompasses a holistic view of wellness beyond purely physical as she has provided a perspective that is authentic, genuine and grounded that applies universally to everyone of all ages and religions.  Over the years I have known Nicole, she has guided me effectively through times of intense job-related stress, challenging family dynamics and relationship "dramas" to the degree that I highly recommend her knowledge, diverse skill set, sensitivity, intuition and guidance to others seeking a more balanced and healthy life.

....Alexandra Ergon,   Kennet Square

I had one session with Nicole when I was visiting from out of town and it was truly a unique experience. When I first walked into the space I kind of stopped in my tracks and was immediately struck how sacred this space was...surrounded in white, candles, and the healing energy in the room. Nicole was able to articulate exactly how was I feeling to a degree where she captured not only the right words but also the depth of what I was experiencing. She understood where I was coming from. After the session I noticed almost an immediate improvement. The knot was gone from the pit of my stomach, I felt lighter and not as upset/angry, I could really feel  a shift had occurred. You still have to do the work on your spiritual journey, but Nicole is a great person to help facilitate the healing. 

......Lisa Giuliana  


"Nicole is nothing short of an angel on earth. A simple conversation with her can be radically healing. Her energy and intuition lead one through a process with the power to transform. If you are on a path toward expanded consciousness and spiritual growth, time with Nicole is an absolute must!"
...Meg Maley  Co-founder of Cansurround

I had a session with ‪Nicole Passon and it was a powerful Intuitive session for opening the heart and healing old wounds. It was a session that went very deep releasing old emotions for days relieving stress and allowing me to feel lighter. We had a phone session and I could feel her powerful positive energy as we tapped into the depths of my heart. Nicole gave much insight into how I was feeling with unconditional love. Very powerful and I highly recommend ‪Nicole Passon for Intuitive Counseling!!

...Amanda Richards Meisner, San Diego CA