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What To Expect...

When people express interest in this work their first question is, "What's Your process?"

While each individual is unique  and the approach may vary to some degree, generally, this is what you can expect. Sessions are approximately one hour in length. Ideally a minimum of one session per week is recommended. You call at said time and we begin with me asking you specific questions regarding your current life experience. We will discuss your personal concerns regarding your relationship with yourself and others, your health and energy levels, your emotional state as well as the underlying thought process that is happening whether or not you are exploring it. We may explore a bit of your  personal history and the evolution of your life up to the present. We will examine patterns and habitual behaviors, healthy and unhealthy relationships, ways of relating to money and prosperity, current and past health experiences and concerns.  We will explore your mental attitude and how that changes in different situations in your life i.e. at work, home, with family, friends, romantic partner, parents, siblings etc. I do not create any limitations in the many areas of your life that we can explore. I do keep our work focused and offer alternative perspectives and ways of relating to your life with integrity and confidence. 

It is important to understand that while even one session can be a very fulfilling and positive experience for you, beginning with a three month commitment is encouraged.  This is a mentoring program and an established mental commitment will yield the greatest results for you. At three months you will have implemented the ground work and you will be seeing significant positive changes in your life. Your self-esteem will be rejuvenated, you will feel healthier and more balanced with regard to your energy levels. You will be calmer and any your anxiety levels will have begun to shift significantly. You will have begun to create new healthy stronger relationships with the people in your life. You will exude a more attractive, relaxed, intriguing quality toward others, and they will notice this. You will feel a lightness in your body and within your emotional experience, like taking a deep breathe, but it will simply exist because you will have been putting this transition into place gradually.

At the end of three months, we will re-evaluate your intention, your goals, and your  evolving potential to bring into your life a continued experience of inner peace, clarity, and untapped potential. At this point, most people choose to continue for an additional 3 months. In this second phase  you are now be able to recognize your potential way beyond what you have previously imagined. Phase two is more than creating stability within yourself and your life it is about moving into a state of expanded creative potential for you in every area of your life. It is about Thriving, not merely surviving.

While each person is different, the majority of individuals I work with end up continuing with me for 6 months to a year. Others after a year continue to check in monthly. It is a personal decision. It will unfold naturally for each individual. Initially it is about creating a commitment to both yourself and working together in your heart and in your mind. The rest will fall into place.